Our management

Since our founding in 2014, we grew from a humble PI to become one of the few direct importer in Singapore.

Our fleet of brand new vehicles range from Japanese sedan to Continental sports car.

We have one of the most comprehensive range of cars in Singapore.

We aim to become "THE STOP" for new car buyers.

"Shopping for a brand new car begins and ends with Team Swift Garage"




Management philosophy

"Fostering a deep-rooted relationship with customers through our services" 







 Our acocolades

We are accredited by SVTA and Casetrust in 2016.

In 2016, we became the first PI to self-implement a performance bond for our customers' deposit.

This is our way of being responsible for our customers'trust.


Our showroom

"Not swankiest, not biggest, not most impressive"

 But we are contended to have a permanent place to call home.

We don't rent a place to do business. We own the place & do business.

This is our commitment to stay  in this business for long.....long time.




Our company motto

"Simple as our logo"

"Simple to understand and easy to deal with"

 We can do, we do. We can sell, we sell. We know or dont know, we tell you so.

This is the way we believe to be the best



How we work

Hard selling



With genuine kampung-style sincerity






Our culture

 "Open & honest policy"

We are staunch believers that our frank & fair trading  practices will win customers in the long run

Our team

"Small team....."

...but our boutique-style operation ensures all customers, prospective and existing, will be well-taken care of.

After all, we dont just sell you a car, we are selling you our services.

 "Less means More"


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